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Best Face Oils For Gua Sha

Best facial oils for gua sha tools

For those looking to rejuvenate and revive their skin, few treatments come close to Gua Sha. While this ancient Chinese treatment has experienced a surge in popularity over the last few years, the benefits it delivers are timeless.

While undoubtedly effective, the products you use with Gua Sha directly impact the results you receive. Choosing a proven facial oil with high-quality natural ingredients is the best way to ensure dramatic and noticeable results.

How to Choose the Best Face Oil for Gua Sha

When it comes to choosing a face oil for Gua Sha, not all brands are created equal. Many use low-quality ingredients that can react with sensitive skin or fail to offer adequate slippage necessary for the Gua Sha tool to slide across the skin safely. When selecting a facial oil, consider these tips to ensure you choose the most effective product to meet your needs.

Clean Ingredients

When it comes to your skin, choosing clean ingredients are essential. Clean beauty is rising in popularity as more people become aware of the potential dangers and side effects of the many chemicals in cheaply made skincare products. Pay attention to the ingredients within your face oil and only choose brands that focus on clean beauty.


Choosing a high-quality product that focuses on sustainability is the best way to care for the planet as you care for your skin. Many companies prioritize profit over providing consumers with effective yet eco-conscious products, causing long-term harm to the environment. Sticking with sustainable companies sends a message that you care about the planet and refuse to sacrifice sustainability and quality for cheaply made skincare. This one decision makes an impact that can last for generations.


When it comes to Gua Sha, slippage is everything. Reducing friction allows the Gua Sha tool to slide easily across the skin, ensuring you receive the most benefits from every session. Choosing a face oil with adequate slippage protects your skin and makes your Gua Sha treatment enjoyable, pain-free, and effective.

The Best Face Oil for Gua Sha

When it comes to choosing a face oil for Gua Sha, you can see the importance of choosing a brand that offers high-quality, sustainable ingredients. Below are the top facial oils proven to enhance your Gua Sha routine and beloved by customers throughout the world.

A beautiful woman with Chamomile Glow Facial Oil for Gua Sha

Chamomile Glow Facial Oil

Discover the powerful antioxidant power of the Chamomile Glow Facial Oil. Designed to revitalize skin, it features an array of potent ingredients, including chamomile, lavender, and melissa. Where many other facial oils only focus on soothing or hydrating the skin, this face oil packs the added benefits of fortifying super-ingredients that combat aging, reduce inflammation, and keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. What makes the Chamomile Glow Facial Oil so special?
  • Brightening Formula - Every ingredient inside this exciting face oil is chosen to deliver noticeable results. Your skin will appear brighter and revitalized, with a noticeable reduction in the common signs of aging. 
  • Intense Hydration - The Chamomile Glow Facial Oil absorbs easily into the skin, providing long-lasting moisture you can see and feel. 
  • Skin Calming - The chamomile and lavender within the face oil soothe tired skin, providing intense nourishment that reduces inflammation and redness. The result? Youthful radiance that feels and looks beautiful from the inside out. 
  • Clean Ingredients - The hand-chosen ingredients within this potent face oil are ideal for clean beauty lovers. You never have to worry about sulfates, parabens, GMOs, or fragrances, and each bottle is cruelty-free and vegan.

Discover the unmatched glide and ultra-luxurious formula within the Chamomile Glow Facial Oil and bring out your skin's radiance and beauty.

Blue Tansy Facial Oil for Gua Sha

Blue Tansy Radiance Facial Oil

Revitalize your skin with this ultimate lightweight elixir. Curated to provide intense hydration that will revitalize and soothe tired skin, the Blue Tansy Radiance Facial Oil features a high-potency proprietary anti-inflammatory formula. Featuring plant extracts and a light-crisp scent, this ultra-nourishing face oil elevates your Gua Sha routine. What makes the Blue Tansy Radiance Facial Oil stand out?

  • Clean Ingredients - Packed full of all-natural ingredients, this beloved face oil is free of fragrances, sulfates, and parabens, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free!
  • Regenerative and Nourishing - Featuring plant extracts, every drop of this regenerative face oil nourishes skin, restoring and replenishing its natural radiance. 
  • Ultra-Soothing - Blue Tansy oil is renowned for its soothing benefits, reducing inflammation, irritation, and redness. 
  • Enhanced Slippage - The lightweight formula acts as a barrier to the skin, offering enhanced slippage for reduced irritation. Get the most out of your Gua Sha tool and enjoy a deeper massage and increased relaxation for improved lymphatic drainage and circulation. 

Enhance your Gua Sha routine with this potent and relaxing Blue Tansy Facial Oil

The Difference Between Serums and Face Oils with Gua Sha Tools

When choosing the right product to enhance your Gua Sha routine, choosing between a serum or face oil can be confusing. While both offer benefits, they aren't the same. Let's take a quick look at the differences between serums and face oils with Gua Sha tools.


Serums are water-based and tend to have a lighter consistency than face oils. They can have fewer ingredients and absorb quickly into the skin. Due to their lighter formulation, you may need to use an additional moisturizer, especially if your skin is drier. 

Face Oils

As the name suggests, face oils are oil-based, making them more hydrating than serums. They blend well with other skin products and provide a protective barrier that supports the skin's microbiome. Face oils are great for those seeking intense moisture, anti-aging, and nourishing benefits to their Gua Sha routine.

The Best Facial Oils for Gua Sha

Earth Ahead is proud to offer a full line of natural, high-quality Gua Sha tools and facial oils. Our Gua Sha collection is designed to deliver noticeable results while embracing sustainable and clean ingredients. Discover the difference a clean beauty routine can make for your skin with our proven products designed to support your eco-friendly lifestyle.


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