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How To Go Green Without Sacrificing Quality or Style

How To Go Green Without Sacrificing Quality or Style - Earth Ahead

Does the idea of going green sound a bit overwhelming? Are you worried about how it will affect your daily routine? Or even worse—your wallet? Going green is a positive step towards a better quality of life, so why does it seem so…difficult? Well, it really doesn’t have to be. Contrary to popular belief, switching to sustainable eco-friendly products can save time, space, energy and even a decent amount of cash over time—hello, vacation! (We know you need one after the mess of a year we just had.)

Bear with us, we'll show you how easy it can be to incorporate eco-friendly products into your routine without breaking the proverbial sweat.

eco-friendly kitchen products

1. Greenify Your Kitchen

Most products you purchase for your home will have plastic material that either cannot be recycled or is very difficult to recycle (for example, dish detergent and cleaning bottles, dish sponges, Ziplocs, etc.) These plastics consist of harmful chemicals that trickle into our food and because our bodies have a hard time digesting them (duh), it can lead to diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Replacing these plastics with natural and plant-based materials like glass, silicone, bamboo is a major step in reducing waste. Eco-friendly kitchen tools like compostable cellulose & loofah cleaning sponges, plant-based dishwashing and cleaning brushes, biodegradable coconut scourers, plastic-free solid dish soaps, and non-toxic refillable cleaners are great alternatives that can help reduce toxins in your daily routine.

For most of us, pantry means BULK. It has become second nature to store as many paper towels, coffee filters, etc. as we can find space for without realizing all the consequences that follow. There's really no need! We now have the biggest variety of REUSABLE and REFILLABLE, high-quality, zero waste kitchen and cleaning tools available to us.

These options can replace the wasted, non recyclable material and help you save money and space in your pantry. Reusable paper towels, coffee filters and even silicone veggie covers are a great start to going green while keeping our planet safe—not to mention saving time AND money. It's time to consciously un-bulk.

When it comes to products that aren't as easy to reuse like garbage bags—replacing the usual polyethylene plastic with compostable and biodegradable material like compostable trash bags that come in a variety of sizes, is a simple and productive way to give your kitchen a green upgrade.

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eco-friendly bathroom products

 2. Give Your Bathroom a Green Makeover

Much like your kitchen sponges, body poufs are made up of non-recyclable, synthetic material. Their microfibers wash down our drains and end up in our water sources, causing many health issues over time. That's not something that crosses our mind when we say we need a good exfoliating session!

Why not go for effective, zero waste alternatives like sisal washcloth, exfoliating jute bath mitt or natural loofah sponge? They're made from natural, plant based fibers and are easily compostable—you can even bury the loofah in your backyard and it'll decompose over 30 days! How cool is that? We promise the smoothness of your skin won't go unnoticed after use, either.

Replacing your toothbrush every 3 months is an unavoidable step in dental hygiene. Unfortunately, most commercially sold toothbrushes are made of un-recyclable plastics that, when discarded, send 50 billion pounds of waste to our landfills.

Help reduce the waste by switching to biodegradable toothbrushes—check out this toothbrush with biodegradable handle & bristles. Even your toothpaste packaging can go green! Davids premium natural toothpaste in recyclable tube or zero waste Huppy toothpaste tablets are refreshing alternatives.

The same can be said for your shampoo and conditioners. Generic shampoos come in plastic bottles and ingredients may include parabens, palm oil, SLESs, SLSs, PEGs, DEAs, TEAs and other yuckies. Ditch the harmful and generic looking plastic bottles and replace them with sturdier glass or switch to zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars.

Conscious Skincare Sulfate Free Shampoo and Viori Rice Water Shampoo Bars are some of our best sellers. At Earth Ahead, we're not just trying to reduce waste—we're all about aesthetic, too! Cute Earth-friendly soap dishes? Yes, please. Self Draining Silicone Soap Dish can add a pop of color in your newly greenified bathroom.

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zero waste deodorant cream

3. Rethink Your Self-care Routine

The generic, commercially sold deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds, carcinogens, pesticides, Propylene Glycol, dyes, TEAs and DEAs. They're also packaged exclusively in plastic. Switching over to an Earth-friendly deodorant increases quality of life just by using better, cleaner ingredients for your body.

Natural deodorants no longer suck! They come in all shapes and variations — vegan or soda-free for the most sensitive pits. Natural Soda-Free Deodorant Cream is our best selling and most reordered product yet! If you're the on-the-go type, check out the Organic Deodorant Stick.

We bet you didn't know that cotton swabs are a major contributor to ocean pollution. Large quantities are being flushed down the toilet on a daily basis, ending up in our rivers, oceans and even drinking water sources. Switching over to Biodegradable Cotton Swabs will make a difference! For the minimalists out there who want to save on space and perpetual re-purchasing, LastObject created the cute and colorful Reusable Ear Swab as an eco-friendly alternative.

The usual 100-piece cotton round packs you buy for make-up removal can also be replaced with less wasteful Organic Reusable Cotton Rounds. Just throw them into your whites on laundry day and they'll be as good as new.

Even your shaving routine can benefit from going green! Disposable razors are one of those hard-to-recycle products because each intricate part is made up of different types of non-recyclable plastic. Not to mention, they don't give you the closest shave as, say, a safety razor. EcoRoots' Rose Gold Safety Razor is going to save you money, time, space and provide you with a better shave! What can be better than that?

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eco-friendly skincare4. Clean Beauty? Yes, Please!

It took far too long for the beauty industry to recognize and implement a more eco-friendly approach to manufacturing their products. Now it's super easy to switch to clean beauty brands that'll give you long-term quality results—so what are you waiting for? We can easily write a separate blog post on this topic! But for now, let's take a look at some eco-friendly, sustainable makeup and skincare options that won't sacrifice your beauty goals.

It's tough not to judge a facial serum by its packaging. We want product packaging to reflect the brand's values. That's why packaging is just as important as the ingredients you put in and on your body. So next time you're looking for a specific type of serum or lip tint, pay attention to what it's wrapped in.

UpCircle is a brand that does not only benefit our health, but also keeps excess waste at bay. All their products are sold in recyclable glass, giving them a more sleek and sturdy look. River Organics offers organic, vegan, essential-oil-based lip and face tints that will keep your skin hydrated and beautiful. They're packaged in compostable paper for guilt-free repurchasing! Even your make-up bags can have a green makeover. Check out Tiradia’s Natural Cork Sidekick Bag made from natural and durable cork.

Exfoliation, in particular, has stirred up some major controversy in the beauty world. Consumers are now realizing that so many exfoliating products damage the skin with synthetic materials and are a leading pollutant of our ocean ecosystems. Unfortunately, most exfoliators are made up of micro plastic beads that are washed away into our rivers, streams and oceans because they're too small to be filtered out in the water treatment plants. Opting for Konjac Facial Sponge will slow down micro bead accumulation because it's made from plant-based, biodegradable material.

reusable cotton tote by Earth Ahead

5. It Is Totally Possible To Be Waste-free On The Go

From grocery shopping to eating out and everything in between, staying environmentally conscious on the go has never been easier. Switching over from plastic bags to cotton totes such as our Everyday Cotton & Mesh Tote, is a great way to reduce waste. We also love the fact that you can creatively express yourself through something as simple as a shopping bag!

If you don't own a to-go coffee tumbler, are you even an adult? SoL To-Go Cup uses glass and silicone to provide you with a sturdy, chic alternative to single-use coffee and tea cups. In addition to the cuteness factor, it's also incredibly practical. Its stretchy, leak-proof silicone cover can accommodate straws of all widths and sizes .

Speaking of straws, while we wait for every store and restaurant to get with the program, just throw Stainless Steel Straw Set into your bag when you need it. Plastic straws are a common household product that unfortunately makes up .03% of the ocean and water pollution. That may seem like a small number, but studies show that by 2050—sooner than you think—90% of all seabirds will have ingested plastic, leading to a 50% mortality rate and possible extinction.

It also contributes microplastics to 94% of all U.S. tap water. That seems like a lot of sacrifice for a sippy straw to us. Using something like Bamboo & Stainless Steel Utensil/Straw Set provides you with reusable straws and eating utensils for all your eating out needs.

This is just a small sample of many different ways you can go green without sacrificing your quality of style or daily routine. Check out our eco-friendly shop for more inspo on your green journey!

Written by Natalie Solomonov.


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