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Sustainability Breakthroughs and Innovations that Give Us Hope

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If you watch the news, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed and even disheartened at the state of the planet. It seems like you're always hearing about the devastation of climate change or the irresponsibility of major corporations that don't prioritize sustainable practices. While there's no doubt we have a long way to go, the good news is there are many entrepreneurial people and businesses who are up for the challenge.

As we speak, driven individuals are working hard to create sustainable breakthroughs that will transform our everyday lives. We're on the cusp of major changes that promise to open doors for eco-friendly practices that care for our beautiful planet. Let's explore some of the most exciting up-and-coming environmental advancements that promise to change the world as we know it!

More Green Spaces

Let's start with a major win for those living in urban environments. Urban planning architects have recently uncovered a tie between more green spaces in urban environments and extreme heat mitigation. While environmentalists have spoken to this point for decades, those in power are finally taking notice!

The findings show that metropolitan cities with dispersed green spaces and multiple city centers mitigate heat better than those with a single city center. Future development blueprints promise to focus more on resilience and sustainability by adding more green spaces, which is a win for everyone.

Another trend that's emerging in urban environments are green buildings, which are designed to use less water and energy while generating less waste. Many cities are adding rooftop gardens to both residential and commercial buildings, allowing residents to grow their own food while creating more green spaces.

One of the most interesting breakthroughs comes from Dr. Sarabeth Buckley from the University of Cambridge. Dr. Buckley and her team found a way to repurpose the CO2 from a building's exhaust and use it as a type of fertilizer for rooftop gardens. In their research, they found that spinach and corn exposed to the ventilated CO2 grew larger and faster. By recycling CO2 from indoor air, scientists can grow healthier plants while simultaneously lessening the amount of airborne pollution. Talk about cool!

Electric Airplanes

In light of the many aviation issues coming to life from the issues with Boeing, it's appropriate that a new wave of electric planes is on the horizon. A net-zero craft, electric airplanes will significantly reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by the air travel industry. In addition, they feature cheaper operating costs, are more affordable to maintain since they tout fewer moving parts, and expend less energy.

While a full fleet of electric aircraft is a while off, prototypes are already in production. There are challenges to overcome as any new technological breakthrough faces, like increasing the maximum flying range, but the industry is making significant strides toward the creation of a full-sized passenger aircraft.

Solving the Plastic Pollution Crisis

It goes without saying that one of the greatest challenges facing a more sustainable planet is the plastic pollution crisis. Every year, countries throughout the world produce a breathtaking 460 million tons of plastic waste, with over 20 million metric tons ending up in our environment. Unfortunately, if nothing is done, that number is forecast to rise significantly by 2040. The good news is that many groups are putting their minds together to find creative solutions to this growing crisis.

The Great Bubble Barrier is a unique invention that utilizes a technology already in use. This device creates a stream of bubbles that push plastic waste in the water to a designated area for easy collection. The idea came from bubble curtains that are used for ocean drilling to minimize sound pollution, but it's a great example of taking current technology and transforming it for use in a new way.

In Indonesia, an upcoming company invented a product called Siklus that delivers affordable refillable products that don't create plastic waste. Customers can order refills on their household goods directly from the app, which are brought to their door for ultimate convenience.

A major health issue for humans and ocean life is the high amounts of microplastic polluting our waterways. A Greentech company called Wasser 3.0 created a new in-home microplastic removal system that doesn't rely on filters. Using clump and skim technology paired with non-toxic materials, this innovative system includes a first-in-the-world detection system that catches and removes more than 85% of water-based microplastics.

TonToTon is a plastic recycling startup that's getting communities involved in their own pollution cleanup. They created a cutting-edge plastic credit system in highly polluted coastal communities that encourages residents to collect "orphan plastics" in all forms for recycling, upcycling, and co-processing. Not only does this concept remove ocean-bound plastics from coastal regions, but it provides a stable income for many marginalized communities.

TonToTon is changing the way the world views plastic cleanup, monetizing cleanup and putting that money directly back into local communities. It's a brilliant approach that cares not just for the planet but for those living on it, helping create an economic boost where it's needed most while creating a responsible consumption mindset.

If you'd like to learn more about innovative, sustainable breakthroughs for fighting plastic pollution, here are 8 inspiring innovations that are helping to fight plastic pollution.

There are so many individuals putting their minds to work to create sustainable solutions to help clean up and heal our planet. The brilliance of many of these new technologies is in their simplicity and their ability to take common problems and create sustainable solutions.

The exciting part is that many of the people behind these startups are just like you and I. They see the way the world is headed and refuse to sit back and let it get destroyed. Each of us has the ability to make a difference, whether it's on a large or small scale. Making sustainable changes may not seem like much, but it quickly adds up and makes a huge difference.

Earth Ahead is proud to offer a full line of eco-friendly lifestyle products that help you live sustainably. Whether you're living a zero-waste lifestyle or are searching for easy ways to go green, we've got what you need to care for the planet and for yourself.


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