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Aventurine Sculpting Face Roller


Elevate your beauty ritual with this thoughtfully crafted Aventurine Sculpting Face Roller, designed to rejuvenate and sculpt your complexion.

Crafted from genuine Aventurine, a crystal revered for its calming energy and connection to the heart chakra, each roller is a testament to the harmonious marriage of beauty and well-being. The dual-headed design ensures a versatile and comprehensive facial massage.

Embrace the art of gua sha, an ancient Chinese practice that stimulates circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. The roller is designed to effortlessly glide across the contours of your face and neck, promoting relaxation while encouraging lymphatic flow to reduce puffiness and boost the natural detoxification process.


Crafted for use on both the face and neck, this potent tool is adept at:

  • Sculpting and enhancing definition of facial features
  • Providing a tension-relieving massage for the face, neck and upper shoulders
  • Diminishing facial puffiness
  • Contributing to the long-term firmness and tightening of the skin

This sculpting face roller is more than just a skincare accessory – it's a holistic journey to self-love and rejuvenation. Allow the cool touch of Aventurine to soothe your skin, calm your mind, and unveil a renewed sense of well-being. Elevate your daily skincare routine with our Aventurine Sculpting Face Roller and embrace the timeless beauty of self-care rooted in ancient wisdom.

Recommended Application:

Suitable for daily use, this facial massager is a perfect complement to your existing skincare routine, providing a profound release of tension and an enhanced massage experience.

  • Prior to use, ensure your skin is clean and has been prepped with your preferred facial oil or serum. We recommend using our hydrating Chamomile Glow or Blue Tansy Radiance Facial Oil for a smooth tool glide on the skin.
  • Initiate the massage from the neck area, gently rolling this tension melting massager along the base of the neck and shoulders. The distinctive shape and angle of the double rollers deliver a deeply invigorating massage.
  • Progress to the facial region, smoothly gliding the sculpting roller in an outward and upward motion, following the natural contours of your face.
  • Take a moment to pause, inhale deeply and experience the soothing sensation as tension dissipates.

Each facial tool boasts a one-of-a-kind shade of color due to the inherent variations in the stones. Our commitment to authenticity means that the stones and crystals used are natural, with no artificial dyes or treatments, allowing their true beauty to radiate.

Dimensions: 4.5'' length x 2.5'' width.

Zero waste packaging:

Embracing a commitment to zero waste, each exquisite roller arrives in a 100% cotton pouch, enhancing your skincare experience while minimizing environmental impact. Say goodbye to unnecessary packaging – our dedication to reducing waste ensures that your journey to radiant skin is as eco-conscious as it is indulgent.


Kindly exercise caution when handling the Sculpting Face Roller, especially around its sharp edge. This tool is intended for external facial, neck and shoulder use only and should be applied exclusively to the skin surface. 

Ready to make it yours? Your purchase will arrive within two to five business days.

As a small business, we put love and care into every detail and want you to be happy with your purchase! Please reach out to us withing 14 days of receiving your order if you are... meh, not so happy with your goodies. Learn more about the items eligible for return here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ciara Mueller
I love it already! Great quality roller.

I love it already! Great quality roller.

Electa L
Very good quality. Will be purchasing more...

Very good quality. Will be purchasing more from this shop.

I love the quality of the stone, its beaut...

I love the quality of the stone, its beautiful. Another addition to my self care collection. Fast shipping and its is on time :)

Chloe Mitchell
What are the measurements?

There are no measurements that I can see on the product?

Isabell O
Love this face roller, glad to have receiv...

Love this face roller, glad to have received it

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