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Organic Cotton Reusable Coffee Filters – Set of 2


Reusable coffee filters made with 100% organic cotton are a durable, sustainable and money-saving solution for your daily coffee ritual. 

Each pack contains two filters, so you can use one today and the other tomorrow, cycling through so you always have a fresh filter. 

Care & Washing:

To clean, dump the coffee grounds into your compost, rinse the filter with tap water and wring out the excess. Hang to dry, and you’re all done! 

If using the filter daily, we recommend that you deep clean them every month by boiling filters for 10 minutes. If still not as clean as you’d like, add a scoop of baking soda to your water. Repeat until the water runs clear.



  • #2 Cone Filters fit most 2-6 cup cone electric coffee makers;
  • #4 Cone Filters fit most 8-12 cup cone electric coffee makers;


  • Small Basket Filters fit 3-6 cup basket style electric coffee makers;
  • Large Basket Filters fit 6-12 cup basket style electric coffee makers;

Pour Over 

  • Small Pour Over Filters fit 3-6 cup Chemex or pour over coffee makers;
  • Large Pour Over Filters fit 6-12 cup Chemex or pour over coffee makers;

End of Life:

100% organic cotton is a biodegradable fabric that can be composted. The filters compost best when cut into strips.

Ready to make it yours? Your purchase will arrive within two to five business days.

As a small business, we put love and care into every detail and want you to be happy with your purchase! Please reach out to us withing 14 days of receiving your order if you are... meh, not so happy with your goodies. Learn more about the items eligible for return here.

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